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Saturday, 25-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Spending Time in San Francisco

The view from my window
I'm not far from the U of SF.
The streetcar wires are striking--to a visitor.
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I'm spending time in SF. (Locals say you can't call it "Frisco," but I wonder if "San Fran" is okay?)

Whatever it's called, it's a vacation from life as usual. A working vacation, to be sure, but a vacation nevertheless.

I'm camped out in a subleased apartment with my laptop and some books, writing. It's amazing how getting away from your own apartment can clear your mind.

I thought I'd work on some recent material, but I've found myself finally finishing a project I started several years go. Go figure. The mind has its own mysterious ways.

And living in a new place is always inspiration to take photographs. These b/w images were shot on Tri-X with my Yashica FX-3 Super with a Zeiss Planar 1.7/50 lens.

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Amoeba Damage

The front cover. Inoffensive.
Eileen Farrell as Elizabeth. Yipes!
Rita Hunter--a vision in white.
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Amoeba Records (on Haight Street) is dangerous.

I know this already from the store in LA.

Once again, I've bought records without owning a turntable.

This may seem like a paradox. But with this cover art, no.

Okay, first there's a Donizetti opera with Beverly "Bubbles" Sills and Eileen Farrell. I'm not so crazy about Bubbles--too flute-y and hooty- and delicate for me. But Farrell, I adore. When I get near a turntable, I'll be happy to listen.

But I really bough the record for the cover. Not the front cover, but the back cover. Eileen Farrell made up as the virgin queen.

Mind you, this opera was not staged. It's a studio recording. Farrell never sang it on stage. Which means they must have gotten her all made up specifically for this photo! What a hoot. It's like a drag queen. No disrespect--to Farrell or drag queens. She's a great singer, and has a cute face. But not as Elizabeth Regina.

The other album's even better. Rita Hunter In Concert.

Okay, now Rita Hunter was this Wagnerian soprano who sang everything in English. Wagner's stupid enough in German. Imagine actually thinking about what's being said!

On this recital disk, she does Verdi and Mascagni and Ivor Novello songs. Yes: La Boheme and then Sigmund Romberg--one right after the other. It's mind-blowing. Can't wait to hear it.

But the photos are the best.

First, the front cover.

Who told a tiny heavy-set woman not only to wear white but to wear about eight yards of it!

She looks like the Flying Dutchman--not a part in the opera but the boat itself.

What's more, her forearm seems to be radioactive. I know, I know: it's the green light coming through the "window" behind her. Why that's green in the first place--well, it's like her white dress.

The photographer who did her b/w head shot on the inside got an inspiration for dealing with her girth. Just black it out!

It's like you're looking at her through a keyhole or the hole in the middle of a record. It's even worse than the white dress and the green forearm.

Cost of records? $8.

Value? Priceless!

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For the Record

Lots of gray and black.
The "pile of snapshots" effect.
Four details.
It's not sheer vanity. It's practical.

I only see my students a couple days a week. If I wear the same shirt twice, they might think I've worn it every day in between.

So I keep a record of what I wear to class. (If this sounds compulsive--well it is.)

I used to have a database in my Palm Pilot.

On less technologically-inspired days, I would simply write it in my daily planner.

But my digital camera inspired me simply to take a snapshot every day before going to class or after returning home.

It's a bit frightening sometimes--to see what you actually look like to strangers.

Other times, serendipity manages to produce a pleasing image.

Here's some collages of the better ones.

Thanks to Picasa (now a Google product) for the collages.


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